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Native Title Tribunal

The National Native Title Tribunal of Australia assists people to resolve native title issues. The Tribunal is an Australian Commonwealth Government agency set up under the Native Title Act 1993. It is part of the Attorney-General's portfolio.The Tribunal works closely with communities across Australia to assist people to resolve native title applications through mediation and make agreements that recognise everyone's rights and interests in land and waters (see types of applications). It carries out these functions in an impartial and fair way, taking into account the views and concerns of everyone involved in the native title process.

The Tribunal mediates native title claims under the direction of the Federal Court of Australia. Hundreds of agreements have been documented throughout Australia since the Tribunal was established in 1994.

On request, the Tribunal assists people in negotiations about proposed developments (future acts), such as mining. The Tribunal acts as an arbitrator or umpire in some situations where the people involved cannot reach agreement about proposed developments. The Tribunal also assists people who want to negotiate other sorts of agreements, such as indigenous land use agreements.


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