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Science Writers Festival

organisation now defunct, was part of the Brisbane Writers Festival 2003.

'Science Writers Festival at the Brisbane Writers Festival 2003
Fun Science and Fast Facts for the whole Family

Paul Holper and Simon Torok will conduct experiments from their Amazing Science book series published by ABC books - including some that were banned for being too risky!

Two sessions - Saturday and Sunday October 4 and 5, 11.30-1.30 in the BookMania Marquee at Southbank’s Cultural Forecourt

BYO Science: The Science of Magic, Madness and Mysticism

Authors Iain McCalman and Sue Woolfe discuss the scientific basis or not of magic, madness and mysticism with local University of Queensland professor of psychiatry, Stan Catts.

Saturday October 4 at 6.30-7pm at the Terminus Hotel, Melbourne St, South Brisbane – Pub style!

Café Scientific: Greenies or scientists: Who’s winning the battle for the environment?

Sponsored by the British Council, ABC Science Unit and New Scientist magazine

ABC’s Paul Willis and Bernie Hobbs chair a hot session with UK green activist and author Paul Kingsnorth, Professor Ian Lowe from Griffith University and broadcaster and author Tim Bowden.

Sunday October 5 at 1pm at the Terminus Hotel, Melbourne St, South Brisbane – Café style!'


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