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Aleve Loh
photo of Aleve

“Transformation” is a recurring theme in all my work.

As a child I would stare into or at one thing for a very long time until my perception started to shift. I noticed that after a while I seemed to be transported somewhere else. A blade of grass or the reflection of my eye up very close in the mirror would cease being the object that I knew it to be and become a means or a gateway into this slightly altered unknown perception.

I am interested in the choices that people make when deciding to surround themselves with or interact with particular objects. Objects are given power when they become part of our lives. The relationship is symbiotic, we project onto an object and it transforms, then in turn we transform. Take for example a car. A car is a highly functional “Highway Avatar” and the most abundant form of personal sculptural expression in the world.

Based on the discovery I made as a child where I found that everyday objects have a secondary function as modes of perceptional transportation, I create work that has a stated intended PRIMARY function as a perceptual shifting tool. The secondary function is as a piece of ‘artwork’.

Further to this ideas relating to "evolution" tend to be the thread running through my works.
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