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Brian Degger
photo of Brian

Brian Degger is an interdisciplinary researcher and artist based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK with a doctorate in biotechnology from Queensland University of Technology.

He is a member of the Newcastle based interdisciplinary research forum
Connecting Principle based at Culture Lab Newcastle University and developed and taught a New Media Module to media and communications masters students at Northumbria University (MP0700).

He has contributed to research on a broad range of topics including fish growth factors, developmentally regulated proteins, freshwater fish population studies, artists use of cutting edge technology and locative technologies.

In interdisciplinary contexts in the arts, he has worked with Blast Theory(UK) on developing and performing I Like Frank in Adelaide,(Fringe Festival 2004). He assisted Ken Rinaldo with installing AutoTelematic Spiderbots as part of AVFest06, Newcastle upon Tyne.

It is these interests in the art-science domain (i.e. Bioart, kinetic sculptures and robotics) that he draws inspiration having recently exhibited LRD(Light Responsive Device) as part of Connecting Principle08 – Dialogue.
His artistic practice revolves around Speculative Research a platform for researching and developing interactive, social and biological artworks.

His current research is on the relationship between creators (artists and scientists) and their biofacts/model systems (

He has presented at Digital Arts and Cultures 07, ISEA2008 and the “aesethics of life” Symposium at Exeter, and is talking at Art of the Digital and the Takeaway Festival(DANA Centre).

He is investigating how to make biological techniques more accessible to artists, makers and other interested folk.
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