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Carmen Reid
photo of Carmen

Carmen is interested in how synapses form personality and contribute to how we perceive ourselves in relation to constructed environments. While not concerned with literally illustrating the process, the idea of a synapse is taken as a starting point from which to draw out poetic connotations embedded in mental processes. Within her sculptural installations, architectural environments are approached as mental terrains in which to blend perceived, lived and imagined notions of occupying space. The movements of the mind are aligned with the movements of the body by applying the notion of a neural synapse to architectural forms and objects. Poised with potential movement, each form can expand or contract a structural element to mimic synaptic connections, while the gap between each form is an active zone in which connective devices move and enable the work to alter or transform through manual manipulation. Neurology is a rich area of research within Carmen's art practice that continually generates new ideas for potential work. In future she aims to collaborate with a neurologist to create new sculptural works that address the brain, body and sensation.

Carmen Reid's solo exhibition Flits, Figments and Fabrications which specifically addresses the synapse and architectural space is currently showing at West Space in Melbourne until August 20th. For more info please visit

Carmen Reid gained a Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art (sculpture) from RMIT university, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree from VCA in 2009. Drawing on architecture, tactility, neurology and cinema, her work is motivated by the expression of movement, tensions between physical states and mental concepts and an attraction to storytelling. Carmen was awarded the 2010 Williamstown Contemporary Art Prize and is a recipient of the Australia Council Artstart Grant.
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