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Karl Logge and Tessa Rapaport
photo of Karl Logge and Tessa

Tessa Rapaport and Karl Logge are emerging artists based in Sydney, who collaborate together on a wide range of projects. Their work spans printmaking, drawing, sculpture, installation, performance and design, with a particular emphasis on working alongside scientific institutions such as botanic gardens and herbaria.

In their first year and a half of practice they have produced interdisciplinary site-specific projects for festivals such as Next Wave, This Is Not Art, Shifting Ground and Gang Festival. These works activate public places and provoke unexpected interactions between people and their environments, predominately in shared urban spaces like parks and gardens. They are especially concerned with the social histories of plants, and the different ways in which nature can be constructed, understood and contested. Since 2007 they have undertaken residency projects at the Olive Pink Botanic Garden (Alice Springs) and the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, conducting an ongoing interrogation of the processes and omissions of natural sciences such as botany and anthropology, particularly in relation to Australian colonial history. Their practice often references early technologies used to record and measure natural phenomena or specimens (lithography, scientific illustration, photography etc.), involving photo-polymer etching, botanical illustration and modified scientific instruments.

They also write, curate exhibitions and teach design theory and sustainability at the University of Technology Sydney. They are always interested in building dialogue between disparate fields and envisioning new possibilities for how we might live and work together.
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