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Matt Shilcock
photo of Matt

Matthew Shilcock is an emerging contemporary / dance theatre artist. Diagnosed at birth with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, commonly known as brittle bone disorder, he spent much of his youth in a wheelchair before learning to walk at the age of fifteen. Matt began performing professionally in 2009 with No Strings Attached Theatre for Disability’s Preparing the Garden training program. He went on to work with Restless Dance Theatre in 2010 with his debut in Next of Kin - no ordinary status family, directed by Philip Channells. Since then he has continued to dance with the company and is a member of the Education Team and Touring Company and is a dancer’s representative of the Restless Board.
Matt has worked with artists including Laura Lima – 13 Rooms; Dean Walsh – Second Nature; Zoë Barry – Howling Like a Wolf and Daniel Koerner – Take Me There. In 2012 he attended the Catalyst Dance Masterclass Series III and performed in Second Skin directed by Philip Channells at the Carriageworks in Sydney. He is a 2013 recipient of the JUMP mentoring program, which he is dedicating to the development of his unique movement scoring system called Osteogenuine.
Matt has a Certificate III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training and is a 2nd Kyu in Budo Taijutsu and specialised weaponry. His passion for fitness and health extends from his own accomplishments in transitioning from a fulltime wheelchair user to his current practices in dance, fitness and martial arts.
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