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Meghan Moe Beitiks
photo of Meghan Moe

CULTURE I work and create in many facets of culture: performance, design, management, writing. I understand culture by tilling my own visual and emotional landscape—that of blogs, network television, art lectures and online video clips.

NATURE My work connects very practically with ecology and sustainability. In my performance work, I have been seen jogging with plants, flinging mushroom spores over fences and breathing rhythms into air. I am always looking at my own inner ‘nature’ and searching for ways that its connection to the environment might be maintained, improved or remedied. I’m an eco-nerd. I blog about environmental art.

STRUCTURE The systems we live in influence our perception of the world. My process is infused with research on institutions, norms and structures that I am participating in. This research is academic, personal, and occasionally goofy.
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