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Philippa Steele
photo of Philippa

Philippa Steele (b. 1982, Launceston) is an installation artist based in Hobart, Tasmania. She has recently returned home to Tasmania after six months in India where she volunteered at an art school in Bangalore, conducting sculptural workshops for local youth. During her stay, it became apparent that seemingly secular everyday activities of the people were often as devotional, or spiritual, as they were practical. Oneness of the very-worldly and the other-worldly has since proved to be her primary concern.

In Philippa's recent exhibition White Wash Hobart (Inflight Art, ARI) the everyday activity of washing is transformed into a glorified gesture. Through the process of purity the artist encourages fierce concentration on the sensory experiences of such a routine. The consecration of the washing actions reminds us that our surreal, spiritual nature is present in even the most basic and mundane aspects of our own physical and material realities.

Philippa has had several solo exhibitions in Hobart and participated in group shows throughout the state. Her background in graphic design and museum display at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery underpins her career as an emerging visual artist. In 2007 she was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Sculpture from the Tasmanian School of Art where she held the position of 2006 Sculpture Society Secretary. As an active member of the Tasmanian arts community she regularly attends workshops, presents artist talks and has had numerous local radio, television and newspaper appearances through the publicity of her work.
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