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Estuarine Flows is about the borders between land and sea and between science and memory. On the material level, this work draws images from scientific data repositories as source material, with the intention of evoking my memories as a teenager in Darwin exploring the mangroves near my home. The artwork uses digitally manipulated map images transferred onto clear plastic and backlit with small solar powered lights.

Estuarine Flows is the first work to come out of the ongoing project titled Fauxonomy. This project primarily explores the ocean cartographies around Australia’s land fall. Fishing boundaries, exclusion zones, Marine Protected Areas are just a small example of these invisible boundaries that define the ocean as a place.

Fauxonomy is the title of a umbrella project comprising of a suite of works currently in development. It derides its title from a range of sources: by playfully subverting the meaning of taxonomy, which is defined as a hierarchical method of classification; 'Faux' in the French language means fake or untruth; and Folksonomy is a term used to describe social networks.

The irony of Fauxonomy is that the source material is of a factual and scientific nature, but by way of constructing a fictitious narrative the authenticity of the information is challenged.


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