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Fish and Chips/MEART

Fish & Chips is a bio-cybernetic research & development project exploring aspects of creativity and artistry in the age of biological technologies. Fish & Chips is assembled from fish neurons grown over silicon chips -"wetware", software and visual and audio art output devices - hardware.Biology is evolving from a phase of discovery into a phase of creativity and utilization. The effects on society will be profound. Hands on wet biological art is starting to be seen as valid means of expressing cultural and artistic perceptions as well as exploring neglected areas in biological research. It explores the nature of contestable futures that may arise. The cybernetic notion of interfacing neurons with machines/robots is starting to become a reality.By creating a temporal "artist" that will perform art-producing activities "Fish & Chips" explores questions concerning art and creativity. It is sets out to explore these themes while referring to the ever-increasing pace of the evolution of biological technologies. How are we going to interact with such cybernetic entities considering the fact that their emergent behavior may be creative and unpredictable? How will society treat notions of artistry and creativity produced by semi-living entities?


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