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Intimate Transactions

Intimate Transactions is a new type of interactive installation that allows two people located in separate spaces to interact simultaneously using only their bodies. As this highly immersive experience evolves, each participant begins to sense their place in a complex web of relations that connect them, and everything else within the work.

Intimate Transactions creates an experience based upon ideas of extending human subjectivity through developing a sense of intimacy with creatures very different to oneself. The work asks participants to develop intimacies both with each other and with a range of computational creatures, all of which inhabit a common virtual space. The participants therefore represent forces moving within a space and have the ability to create balance or imbalance depending on the "sensitivity" with which they navigate and interact with the creatures within that world. In this way the participants act as "catalysts" or "multipliers" within the space. One of the key rationales is that through this experience participants will begin to understand the effects they are having on this simplified ecology and hence choose to shift their actions accordingly. (I.e. this happens through becoming more intimate with the other person, and the shared space).


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