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The more or less eternal isotope

This installation was prepared for GOODBYE KIND WORLD, curated by Kevin Murray.
The artist’s notes for the installation were:
“We have X amount of radio-active waste in Oz. It is our 20th Century souvenir without parallel.
I propose that everyone become a custodian of a small amount and through something like our
Land Titles, pass this custody on to the future. The waste would be held in a gold/platinum/etc shrine, with associated rules and festivals for care and maintenance.
This work is put forward as a tangible image of the unimaginable toxicity and timescale which we face. Think of the possibilities: the re-casting of the protective container every 250 years,
(ONE THOUSAND TIMES); the founding of the Geiger Order, whose principal myth is the Deliverer who will one day reveal a simple formula which renders the waste harmless; the black market in rental facilities; the isotope alert imbedded in every citizen when they reach the Age of Isotopic Responsibility…
AS, 41 ALH (after Lucas Heights).”


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