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Transfigurative Illumination

I trained as a nurse at 18yrs and then went on to study art at VCA in my twenties. My art practice covers many formats and mediums. The body of my work is created via a process of transformation; building and layering interpretive surfaces, often utilising my medical knowledge and experience.

In 1998 i approached the Royal Melbourne Hospital in order to instigate an artist residency. This began with my own work at the site and then grew to incorporate a collaboration with Lauren Berkowitz on a vdeo and curating an exhibition for The Melbourne International Arts festival at the Hospital site.

During this time i worked within the Radiology Department to create a series of Xrays. I plaster cast volunteers in plaster bandage, removed the casts and took the hollow casts to the department to be Xrayed. this formed an image which was similar to that of skeletal Xrays but uniquely of the external figure.

Xray works:
The surface of the body and the skin, is a provocative area of physicality and intimate expression. It is the inside of the body, the organs and the microscopic that captures the medical imagination. I have intersected these two boundaries, to reverse the image of the physical body in clinical diagnostics.

The chemical processes of the X-ray resurfaces the identity of the individual being scientifically investigated. The formation of a two dimensional image from a three dimensional form, which can be seen from all surfaces, is a rare event. It is magical to be able to see through the figure in this sense, and yet still determine its outer form. Visually the image demands concentration and interaction to read its shifting sense of form from a surface to an object.

The title's use of the word 'transfigurative' refers to the notion of illumination after death, creating a reference to the idea of transformation and revelation through light. People see the work either as unsettling, beautiful or both, as it shows the body empty and void. The shapes are amorphic and have a portentious sense of the spiritual or a death like mask in the edifice.


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